Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Eve Movies

What would a Potter Family Holiday be without seeing a movie? Christmas Eve we woke up EARLY & drove down to Redondo Beach where Grandma Kinsfather lives so that we could all go to a movie together as a family. Trek's parents, Tylee, Emery, & my family all went to see "The Muppets Movie," while the rest of the family went to see "Mission Impossible." I'm almost certain their movie was more exciting than ours was. . . ha ha ha. But we had fun watching the kids laugh at all the muppet jokes.

After the movie we walked around the mall for a little bit of Christmas shopping fun. Opa & Bladen were best buds the entire time.

But the cutest part of the whole day was watching Craiger & Emery play together. They are only 2 months apart in age, but they were best friends the entire time we were down there. They were ADORABLE.

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