Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Visiting Nancy

It's always a lot of fun going down to Orange County to visit my dear friend Nancy. I only see her maybe once or twice a year so I cherish those few visits we get. She spoils us ROTTEN for our birthdays, for Christmas, & just for random times during the year. The kids are always excited when a Nancy package shows up in our mailbox. She always buys TONS of stuff for Christmas & we meet up & exchange gifts. The kids came with me this time & were able to say hello. Of course they were ready to jump out of their skin when Nancy handed each of them a large gift to open RIGHT THERE.

Yup, Miss Nancy bought each of the kids their very own PILLOW PET. My girls have been begging for these things for about 9 months now. You should have seen how their eyes lit up. They were so excited they were CRYING.

Bladen got a bright blue Triceratops Dinosaur as his pillow pet. The whole ride home he was "CHOMPING" at the back of my seat. That kid & his fascination with dinosaurs. . . he's crazy.

Cadence was equally excited about her new Ladybug Pillow Pet. She's really into "red" right now so it was a perfect pal for her.

Lorien was thrilled with her pink & purple Butterfly Pillow Pet. She couldn't wait to sleep on it for the hour drive back to Opa & Oma's house.

And Taya got a pink, black & white Zebra Pillow Pet. The sassiness of the pet matches Taya's sassiness perfectly. They are a match made in heaven.

For the next hour we proceeded to load all the gifts from Nancy's car into our new van which THANKFULLY is bigger & holds a LOT more than our old van did. I guess wrecking the old van really was a blessing in disguise. I just LOVE our new van. It was SO nice seeing Nancy.

While Nancy & I were talking to each other, a huge limousine pulled up by us. It was completely decked out in CHRISTMAS. There was a Christmas village on the dashboard, a North Pole sign on the side, & a reindeer hood ornament.

And guess who hopped out of it? Yup. Good ole St. Nick. My girls started screaming & he immediately came over to our van for a little chat with the Potter kids. The girls were so excited they could hardly talk. Santa was SO good with them. He asked them how they've been this year & asked them what they wanted for Christmas. They loved EVERY SECOND of it.

Then it was time to head back to the family. The kids said good-bye to Santa & Nancy (who are very much alike). Then they cuddled up with their new friends & we started off on the trip back home.

Thank you Nancy for the wonderful morning. We miss you.

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