Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Very "Nancy" Christmas

My friend Nancy is hilarious. She LOVES to buy presents for people. She is such a generous person. She'll pick 100 angels off the angel tree each year & supply all 100 of them with the Christmas of their dreams. Well, her generosity doesn't stop there. She has friends all over the world that she "takes care of" throughout the year. We are one of those special families she loves to spoil.

We met up with her over Christmas & she supplied us with our "Christmas gifts" for the year. We loaded them up into the empty van & brought them back to Trek's parent's house. We waited to open them until we got home to be fair to everyone else. So when it was time to go, we TRIED loading them all up into the car top carrier. NO SUCH LUCK. She bought a TON this year! We couldn't even close the car top carrier & it's HUGE.

The first thing we did when we got home was pile it all on our living room couch. I HAD to take a picture because it was CRAZY. She is SO funny.

My personal pile consisted of over 30 gifts including a beautiful tanzanite necklace. She really makes our Christmas' really special. Nancy is such a blessing in our lives.

Trek had 12 special gifts from her this year. His new nutcracker is beautiful & he loved all the clothes she sent him.

All the kids got 6 gifts each. All of Nancy's presents are always color coded for each person. Craiger had the penguin wrapping paper & Cadence had the Poinsettia.

Bladen had the retro Santa, Lorien had the green Santa, & Taya had the red Santa.

Poor Taya was still dealing with the whole Hand, Foot, & Mouth disease so we had socks on her little hands so the blisters wouldn't get on everything she opened.

The kids loved everything they opened. They all love their pillow pets & their new clothes. Thank you Nancy for spoiling them rotten.

My two favorite gifts were my tanzanite (rare purple gemstone) necklace & the hand embroidered angel she made me to commemorate our time in Germany. She loves embroidery & makes beautiful things. I always love handmade gifts more than any of the others. It was beautiful.

Thank you Nancy for a FABULOUS 2nd Christmas!

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