Thursday, January 5, 2012

TIto's Tacos

I just love family traditions. One of my favorite Potter Family traditions is "Tito's Tacos." Tito's Tacos is this hole-in-the-wall fast food Mexican joint down by the LA Temple. Yes, it's a dive. Yes, it's in a scary part of town. And TRIPLE YES it's got some of the most fabulous taco's you'll ever eat. So of course we HAD to make a trip down there to have some fabulous Mexican food.

It's always packed so we sent half our group to go order food, while the rest of us started rounding up empty tables. Bladen chose Tylee as his partner in crime. He knew she'd feed him well if he snuggled up to her.

Craiger hung out with Oma & loved every minute of it.

The food was a great as I remembered it. We had tacos, tostados, burritos, nachos, & TONS of salsa & guacamole. It was a FABULOUS dinner.

Poor Tuhk. Bladen kept eyeing his burrito & snuck a bite. Poor Tuhk couldn't even think about eating it after Bladen slobbered all over it. So, Bladen ate his ENTIRE Tito's Tacos Burrito & they're NOT SMALL.

Cadence enjoyed some one-on-one time with Uncle Tuhk while everybody else stuffed their faces. I love family bonding time like this. We've got a great family.

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