Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Los Angeles Temple

I love visiting the temples at Christmas time. The church always decorates their temple grounds SO beautifully at this time of year. After eating a FABULOUS dinner at Tito's Tacos, we drove down a little bit to the Los Angeles Temple to walk around as a family & enjoy it's beauty. It was GORGEOUS.

We had 3/4 of the whole family there. Talon & Carolyn (& sweet little Emery) were on their way & Triskin & Phil would be flying in on Christmas Eve. But we got a great family shot with the family we did have there. I just love family.

The Christmas lights were beautiful, but they were nothing in comparison to the temple itself. I just love the peace & happiness I feel when I'm at the temple. It's like all the problems in the world disappear, even just for that moment.

I like to take my kids to the temple often. They are starting to recognize that peace that you feel. It makes me SO happy to share that with them.

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