Monday, January 16, 2012

Pizza Party & Beach Football

After watching movies & shopping, we all headed back to Grandma Kinsfather's house for a fun pizza party with an ice cream sundae bar. YUM! It was SO FUN to see Auntie Marc, Auntie Char, & Uncle Jay. We don't see them very often so the kids had a blast talking with them.

Tylee broke out a couple Christmas Eve presents for Craiger & Emery. She gave Emery a cute kitty cat hat & Craiger an ADORABLE OWL HAT. This had was MADE for this kid. It's as adorable as he is, & the two put together. . . PRICELESS. What a cutie pie.

After filling our bellies to the brim with pizza & ice cream, we all walked down a couple of blocks to the beach. (I LOVE THE BEACH.) The Potter family played a fun game of football on the sand. The best part of the whole day was watching Trek plow Tylee into the sand face first. It was HILARIOUS.

Taya opted out of football, but enjoyed walking along the beach with the sand between her toes. She was so sweet all by herself out there. I was watching her like a hawk, but enjoyed letting her be her own person & do things HER way. What a sweetheart.

Bladen was exhausted from everything so he decided to take a little nap on Oma's shoulders. What a cutie.

After lots of fun at the beach, we all piled back into the cars for the hour long ride home to Santa Clarita. Now the REAL Christmas Eve fun begins. . .

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