Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Very SORENSEN Christmas

So the day after we got home from our Christmas adventure in LA, we got to have our 3rd Christmas (ha ha ha). All the gifts from my side of the family were still under our tree so we got to have another mini-Christmas. What fun!

My mom & dad got to watch us open all of them through our TV/computer. I love that technology allows us to do this. I was SO SAD I didn't get to go see my side of the family for Christmas, so having them watch was almost just as fun.

The kids opened all sorts of fun things from my parents (Mimi & Baba), my grandma Cherry (Mamoo), & my brother's family in UT. We miss them all SO much.

Cadence's favorite present was the sewing machine from Mimi. Now she can sew like mommy.

Bladen LOVED his Toy Story playset. He plays with this thing for HOURS.

My mommy bought me a doll for Christmas. I've always loved Belle & these dolls are gorgeous. She now sits on my bed every day. I love her.

After we were done opening ALL OUR GIFTS, we laid out each of our piles of treasures & took pictures with them so we could always remember what we got for Christmas in 2011. We were VERY BLESSED this year with LOTS of fun things.

Craiger didn't want to be in his picture. ha ha ha.

Bladen got a lot of sports toys & action figures this year. Oh & let's not forget his GUN. Such a boy!

Taya, who was sick the entire time, got lots of pretty pink princessy & girly things. She was VERY happy indeed.

Cadence's favorite thing was her telescope of course, but that sewing machine took a close 2nd. She also got lots of legos, art things, & jewelry which she loved.

Lorien was THRILLED with her Heely's & her BIG GUN. Such a tomboy! She got some fun legos & games too. She was happy as she could be.

Trek got some nice clothes, some techy things, & lots of TOOLS. Hooray! Let's build something.

I felt SUPER SPOILED this year. I got a HUGE pan set with a ceiling pan hanger, a carpet cleaner, & LOTS of other fun things.

After we cleaned everything up, we opened stockings from my side of the family. It's a family tradition we've done since I was a little girl & it's probably my favorite Christmas tradition to this day. I love stockings. My mom hand made every single stocking. They are the most beautiful stockings you will ever see. I love them SO MUCH.

And that is it!
Merry Christmas from the POTTER FAMILY.

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