Thursday, January 19, 2012

Potter Family Pictures 2011

The Potters are very rarely all together. We haven't had a family picture taken in over 3 years so this was MUCH needed. Dad had his friend come over on Christmas morning before church to take our pictures. Such a gorgeous family right?

Triskin & Phil. This is the sister we very rarely see. We LOVE being with her when we can. They live out in Alabama so we're never together except at Christmastime. We miss them SO much.

Trek's baby brother Talon & his beautiful wife Carolyn were there as well with my kids' very first cousin on the Potter side. . . Emery. What a cute family!

The SINGLES. ha ha ha. Tylee, Tuhk, & Tarrish are not yet married, but still huge part of our family. They are the best Aunties & Uncle in the world. The kids adore them.


  1. Hi are you guys from the Kids song tv show in 1994 or something?

    1. Yes, these are the same Potters that were in Kid Songs in the 90's. Triskin was one of the hosts if I remember correctly. I'm married to Trek but we still have all the videos from his whole family's Kid Songs days. How funny.