Monday, February 25, 2013

Lorien's Birthday Breakfast

Hooray for Birthdays.
Lorien's birthday is our 2nd birthday in February (but 3rd birthday in a month time period if you count Trek's in late January).  She was SO excited about turning 8 years old.

For her birthday breakfast, I found a yellow tablecloth left over from making her Valentine box so I put it on the table to decorate since yellow is Lo's very favorite color.  It added some fun to the morning.  For her birthday breakfast she wanted:
bacon, sausage, toaster strudels, & ding dongs.  
Lorien has this crazy love for toaster strudels.  I can't stand the things.  I don't know if it's the texture or what, but they literally make me gag, but boy oh boy does Lorien LOVE them.  So since it was her special day, she got to eat as many toaster strudels as she wanted.

She was in HEAVEN.

5:45 comes fast when you're a sleepy 8 year old.  I can't believe what good sports I have for kids.  Even though they're still tired, they pop out of bed right when we ask them to with smiles on their little faces. Lorien was EXCITED to wake up this morning.

Yummy Toaster Strudel

I still can't believe my little Lorien is 8 years old now.  She's growing up too fast.

Happy Birthday my Baby Doll.  I love you.

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