Monday, February 25, 2013

Birthday Cupcakes

Lorien couldn't wait for me to bring cupcakes to her class on her special day.  They don't allow home made goodies at her school either, but it's still fun finding cute cupcakes at the store.  She got SO excited when we walked into the room. . . so did all her friends.

I LOVED these cupcakes.  They were SO bright
& colorful, just like Lorien.


Mrs. O, Lorien's teacher insisted on letting my other 3 little ones eat cupcakes with the class as well.  I knew for a fact it would get messy if I did that, but I would be a totally mean mom if I didn't let them have one while all the other kids in the class got one.  Sure enough, Craiger made the biggest mess he possibly could.  At least he's cute right?

It was fun meeting all of Lorien's friends in her class.  She felt like a super star.  It was fun for everyone.

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