Monday, February 25, 2013

Lorien's Birthday DInner & Presents

Lorien couldn't wait for her birthday dinner.  This kid LOVES Ramen Noodles.  It cracks me up.  All she wanted was a HUGE bowl of Ramen Noodles & a big bowl of spinach strawberry salad (at least my kids like ONE healthy thing). . .  oh & don't forget the strawberry lemonade.

After dinner we opened presents from family.  That's always my kids' favorite part.

Lorien got zebra print curtains from Mimi, Mamoo,
& Auntie Char for the 3 windows in her new
bedroom in our new house.  She can't wait to move
over there so we can put them up.
Taya saved up all her allowance money & bought Lorien
a pack of root beer float bubble gum, Lorien's favorite.

Cadence saved up her allowance money & bought
Lorien a Slushy Magic.  Now Lorien can turn
any liquid into a yummy slushy.

Grandma Kinsfather sent Lorien $10 & an adorable
princess card.

Opa & Oma bought Lorien 2 pairs of earrings for when she
gets her ears pierced next month & a cute little
froggy jewelry box.

My friend Nancy sent her an adorable Hello Kitty
outfit for her Hello Kitty birthday party.

Auntie Cari, Uncle Justin, Korbyn, & Brinley gave her a
Claire's Gift Card to buy earrings when she gets her ears

All of the brothers & sisters bought Lorien an
earring holder for all her earrings.

Trek & I bought her some roller blades.  She's been asking
for roller blades for years now & we finally felt like it was time
for her to get them.  She's SO excited she can't stand it.

Happy Birthday Sweetie.  I hope it was WONDERFUL just like you.

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