Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cadence's Family Birthday Party

Cadence's big friend birthday party is on Saturday, but we always like to do a small family party here at home on our kids' actual birthdays.  I always make their favorite dinner & then we open presents from family.

Cadence's favorite dinner:
Lasagne & Spinach Strawberry Salad

Heaven, in the form of food.

After dinner, we opened presents together.  Thank you to all the family who sent her such amazing gifts.  We had a blast & she loved everything she received.

Mamoo gave her The Princess Diaries
1 & 2

Open, open, open

Taya has been saving up her allowance money for a few weeks
& bought Cadence a king size Twix bar (Cadence's favorite)
for her birthday.  It was the sweetest thing ever.

Mimi & Baba got her an Orbeez Soothing Spa

Lorien has also been saving her money.  (She saves money
very well & only spends it on other people.  She's great
at that.)  She bought Cadence an origami set for her
birthday because she knows how much Cadence talks about
wanting to learn how to do origami.

Opa & Oma bought Cadence some adorable earrings
& a cute jewel box

Grandma Kinsfather sent Cadence an adorable
card with $10 inside

Auntie Cari, Uncle Justin, Korbyn, & Brinley sent Cadence
a cute tote/purse that she can design herself

Auntie Char & Uncle Jay sent an ADORABLE dress

Nancy always sends at least one fun new outfit
for my kids' birthdays

Nancy also sent this gorgeous jewelry box

and a fun soap making set
and a gemstone book with some REAL gems

Trek & I got her a filter for her fish tank
(We're sick of cleaning that thing so it's a win/win
for everybody!)

Her brothers & sisters got her a guitar stand for her guitar

It was a great little party.  We had fun & Cadence was very happy.
Happy Birthday Angel Girl.

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