Monday, February 25, 2013

Ummm, Mom?

So Trek & I decided to FINALLY show our kids Star Wars.  Bladen is into everything Star Wars right now, even though he's never seen it.  All he knows is that "Dark Mater" looks pretty cool & the light "savers" light up & make cool sounds at the store.  We thought watching the actual movie would help further his love for the franchise.

Anyway, we were watching Episode IV: A New Hope in the dark, snuggling together as a family when Taya reached over to Trek & said:
"Here Daddy!" 
and proceeded to hand him something wet & sticky.
Trek jumped back disgusted & asked her what in the world she handed him.  I love her response:
"It's my tooth!"
It was so simply answered. . . not a big deal at all, just matter of fact.

Yup, another tooth managed to get loose & just FALL OUT on it's own for Taya.  This kid has been a breeze with teeth.  No blood, no screaming, no tears. . . just simple little "Oh look!  Cool!"

She put her tooth in a cup by the window & sure enough the tooth fairy made a visit that night & left Taya a $1 bill.  She was SO excited.  Let's hope the rest of her teeth wind up being this easy.

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