Friday, February 15, 2013

Littlest Potter Boy

I FINALLY got to see my new little guy for real yesterday.  It was the best Valentine's Day gift I could get.  I've had 2 other 3-5 minute ultrasounds so far, but nobody will "LOOK" to verify that this indeed is a little boy.  Since I'm "high risk" pregnancy, they referred me to the Naval Base hospital because they specialize in this sort of thing & I got to get a 45 minute echo of my baby's heart.  The techs were wonderful people & let me just look at my little one & showed me straight out that I indeed was correct in my boy prediction.  He is ALL BOY.

But my favorite part of the whole appointment was this picture here.  He was very tired & kept yawning at us.  Look at this kid's jaw!  His mouth is WIDE open & you can even see his little tongue in there.  He has the Potter nose, like all my other kids & amazingly enough looks VERY similar to Craiger.  Yup, another mini-Trek.  Six kids & I'll never get one that looks like me.  Oh well, at least they're cute like their daddy.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are for him to come to our little family.  I love him already & can't wait to hold him in my arms.  May can't come soon enough.

(For those who are not used to looking at ultrasound pictures & can't make out what is what. . . this is a picture of our little guy's head [right side of his face].  The round portion on the left side is his forehead.  If you look carefully you can make out his button nose & upper lip.  Then you can see a large V shape that is black. . . that is him yawning [the open space in his mouth] & his tongue is a little blob in there.  Then you have his lower lip & chin.  Good luck!)

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