Tuesday, June 17, 2014

1000 Books

For the last year & a half (since we moved here to VA), my boys have been participating in the 1000 books before Kindergarten challenge.  We've been going to the library once a week for that year & a half & have been checking out all sorts of books to the boys' liking.  Each day we read & read & read & wrote down every book we read together.  Every 100 books we read, the boys each got to pick a book out of the treasure box to keep & they got a nifty certificate saying how many books they had read so far.

Well, we did it!  We FINALLY hit 1000 books.  Bladen starts Kindergarten in September so we did it just in the knick of time.  They were SO excited to tell Miss Shannon & Miss Eva they had finished the challenge.  They were presented with new books, certificates, &

I've never seen my boys so excited in my life.

 I am SO grateful for this program.  Because I read to them SO much this last year, Bladen started sounding out words on his own & started reading when he was 4.  He LOVES to read now & reads everything he can get his hands on. . . & he hasn't even started Kindergarten yet.  It makes me happy that he already has a love of books instilled in him.

I love my

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