Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Graduating Kindergarten

Where did this year go?  It seems like just yesterday Taya was starting Kindergarten & stepping on that bus for the very first time.  Now she's reading far beyond her years, writing like a big girl, & doing things I can't believe she's old enough to do.  My baby girl isn't a baby any longer.

Taya was SO excited for her last day of school Kindergarten program/graduation.  They sang several songs to show us what they learned this year, & then just had a little party with us all there.

She drew this picture of me & gave it to me at the graduation.  It's me of course.  Aren't I beautiful?  I especially love the crazy eyes & male patterned baldness.  I love this kid.  She keeps me smiling for sure.

Taya is sure going to miss her best friend Danny when he moves next month.  They lived next to us all year long & were both in Mrs. Mann's class.  We've made a LOT of memories together.

For the last day I took the boys & let them eat lunch with their sister.  They loved the school lunch which cracked me up.

Bladen is getting super excited to start Kindergarten next year just like Taya did this year.  He loves the school lunch too & promised me to eat it all gone next year when he is a big boy Kindergartener.

Happy Kindergarten graduation Taya.  You are amazing, smart, fun, hilarious, & such a sunshine in our lives.  We love you.

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