Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mother Daughter Garden Party - Activity Days

This was my last activity as the activity days leader at church.  I've loved this calling SO much that it was hard to switch to my new calling as Relief Society President.  But I go where the Lord wants me & where he needs me to be so I'm excited for my new adventure with the Relief Society members of our ward.

For May I taught the Activity Days girls all about proper manners, etiquette, & cleanliness at our first activity.  We did some role plays practicing our manners.  I taught the girls how to properly set a table & taught them the proper etiquette for thanking others for things they do.

Since Mother's Day is in May, we decided to do a mother/daughter activity to practice all our new manners & etiquette.  I thought a garden party would be lovely.  All the girls brought their mom's dressed in dresses, big hats, & jewelry & they each brought a dessert for our food table.

Then we just sat & celebrated mommmy me time.  I've been SO lucky to be in Activity Days with TWO of my little girls.  I'm going to miss these activities with them.

All the girls had a great time.  We chatted, ate yummy treats & fruit, laughed, & drank lemonade in beautiful teacups.

After chatting & eating, we painted each other's nails & laughed some more.

It was a great night.  I will miss these girls SO much.

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  1. So chic mother daughter garden party! I just had great time watching party photos. I am also planning to host a cute DIY party for my mom’s birthday. She loves outdoor parties so I would love to book one of her favorite garden themed LA venue for this bash.