Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lorien's 3rd Grade Promotion

Also on the last day of school was Lorien's 3rd Grade promotion ceremony.  Here in VA where we live, there is a Jr. Elementary School as well as a Sr. Elementary School.  This was Lorien's last year at the Jr. Elementary & next year she'll be joining Cadence at the Sr. Elementary School.  She's very excited about being at the big school & having her own locker.

For the promotion ceremony, the Principal called every 3rd grader's name (160 of them) to walk across the stage & get their promotion certificate.  Lorien was SO excited to be up there.

Then we got to thank her 3rd grade teacher, Miss Evans, for a great year.  She was a sweet teacher.  Lorien really loved her a lot.

Great job on another great year (straight A's I might add) Lorien.  We are proud of you & SO excited for your new adventures at Westside Elementary School next year as you start 4th grade.

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