Tuesday, June 17, 2014

5th Grade Science Fair

Cadence wanted to be part of a science fair all year long & lo & behold, the last two weeks of school we got the note saying she had to come up with a science project.
(WHY?  Why teachers?  Why the last two weeks of school?)

She was thrilled though & I made her do it with her friend with NO PARENTS whatsoever.  These kids need to learn to do things on their own without us hovering over their every move.  And guess what?  They did a FABULOUS job.

She chose an experiment on how the things we eat/drink affect our teeth.  I thought it was a clever & informative choice on her part.  She had a tooth she pulled out last month to show everyone.  Then she got hard boiled eggs & left them for 3 hours in 3 different drinks: coffee, coke, & orange juice.  All three drinks stained the egg shells terribly which shows us what they're doing to our teeth every day!  After that she used a toothbrush & toothpaste to brush away the stains to see how well toothpaste worked on removing them.  The toothpaste took off all of the orange juice stain, a lot of the coke stain (but not all), & hardly any of the coffee stain.  She concluded that coffee was the worst for your teeth & advises everyone to be careful with how much you drink.  She also wanted to let everybody know that brushing your teeth twice a day will help as well.  My little dentist.

Her poster was even cute.  I was SO proud of her.  She was pretty excited & is already plotting out her science project for the 6th grade science fair.

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