Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kindergarten Field Trip - Children's Museum

I got the opportunity to go with Taya on her Kindergarten field trip this year & we had a blast.

I was in charge of two littles . . . Taya & her friend Grace.  They were both adorable & SO excited to be there.

We played all over in the museum.  Taya loved the grocery market & farm area.  She liked milking the cow, collecting the eggs, picking the veggies, & shopping at the store.

The children's museum has all sorts of areas to learn & play in.  The girls liked the fireman area where they got to play in a real fire truck.

The vet area was fun too.  They took really good care of their dogs.

But their favorite area was the bubble room of course.  Who can resist making life size bubbles?

There were some neat exhibits upstairs with motion & science.  The art area was great as was the insect area.  We were learning all sorts of neat things.

The last hour we were there we got to be a part of a magnet experience with the museum science experts.  Taya & Bladen both got to help with the magnet experiments.  They thought it was great fun.

After exploring the museum we went to a park & had a picnic lunch with all our friends.

It was a really cute, fun day with Taya.  I loved being a part of that with her.

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