Thursday, June 19, 2014

Last Day of School

Well, the year has flown by & it's finally officially SUMMER.

The girls all made their end of year candy bar posters for their teachers.  They love making those things.  They do it all by themselves & they always turn out really cute.

I can't believe Cadence is going to be a 6th grader next year.  How does that even happen?????

The kids at her bus stop were great.  This bus stop is going to double in size next year with all the 3rd graders moving up to 4th grade.  It will be fun to see those kids all together next year.  We have great kids in this neighborhood.

Taya is officially a 1st grader now & she can't wait to help her brother be a big boy Kindergartner next year.  I can't believe I'll have 4 in school!!!

And little Miss Lorien is officially a 4th grader & will be moving up to the Sr. Elementary School with Cadence next year.

After school, all the bus stop mom's got together & put together a luau for the kids.  I tell you we have the absolute best bus stop in the world.  We all brought bubbles, leis, popsicles, & ice cream to the bus stop & had a blast.

When the kids stepped off the bus, we put leis over their heads, blew them with bubbles, & let them eat as much ice cream as they could get!  It was a blast.

The kids LOVED their surprise.

The Westside bus always comes a little later than the Carrollton bus, but we put leis on them as well & let them in on all the fun.

This year has been great.  Happy Summer Vacation to the very best bus stop in the world.

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