Friday, October 24, 2014

Peter Pan Costumes - Peter Pan

And you can't have a Peter Pan theme without Peter!!!!

Craiger, my little mischievous boy was the perfect choice to become Peter Pan.  He's been so excited that he tells every stranger he comes in contact with that he is the real Peter Pan for Halloween this year.  I love it.  He tells everyone about his costume his mommy made & just smiles.

His costume was easy peasy.  The fabric doesn't fray so I could just cut without having to hem or sew much.  It fits him great too.  The hat was a little tricky (& it's still a little small for his head. . . but I don't care enough to make another one).  I found some lime green tights on clearance at Walmart & used an old belt we had around the house.  Then I made a Peter Pan sword out of leftover felt & voila!  A cute little Peter Pan.

I love this kid!

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