Friday, October 24, 2014

Peter Pan Costumes - Tinkerbell

So the Potter family chose our Halloween theme for 2014 to be

Peter Pan.

I've been busy at work finding & making costumes for everyone in the family.  I was able to buy 2, find materials for 2 around the house, & handmade 4 of them.

The first costume finished was Tinkerbell.  Miss Taya is going to be Tinkerbell this year & she is the PERFECT Tinkerbell.

I found her costume on sale on Amazon for $9.00.  You can't beat that.  For her birthday her grandmother bought her some green shoes & a Tinkerbell wig which rounded out the costume nicely. I made the white poofs for the shoes out of tulle & glued them on.  Her costume was easy peasy this year & she is absolutely ADORABLE.

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