Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Taya's Frozen Birthday Party

Taya has been helping me plan this Frozen party for over 6 months now.  She is SO funny.  It was her 7th birthday party & she wanted it to be perfect.  Especially since her Mimi, Baba, & Mamoo were here to enjoy it as well.

When she told me she wanted an Anna cake I jumped for joy.  Lately my kids have been asking for bizarre cakes that take me forever to figure out.  Barbie cakes I can do!!!!  I was excited about this one.  Anna's dress is beautiful & ornate & I couldn't wait to create it with frosting.  It was a lot of fun & turned out beautiful.

Taya was very excited to have her party.  We did her party on a Friday night (AFTER SCHOOL) so she was pretty hyper & ready to play when she got off the school bus.

Of course the dining room was all decked out in Frozen stuff.  The colors are just gorgeous.

When her friends started arriving, we had Frozen playing in the background while they colored pictures of Elsa, Anna, & Olaf.

Since it was late at night, we did the piñata first before it got too dark.  I couldn't find a Frozen piñata ANYWHERE.  It's just still too popular.  So, I found a 50's piñata with a record on it in the clearance section of the store & added pictures to it to make it a Frozen piñata.  Easy peasy.

Once the piñata had been broken, we had all the girls circle around it before we let them attack the yummy candy.

Ready, Set, GO!!!

Then we went inside & pinned the nose on Olaf.  Taya got this poster a while back for reading a certain number of books.  It worked perfectly for our pin the nose on Olaf game.

After that we put together sticker puzzles of Frozen scenes.  I found these adorable sticker puzzles for next to nothing on Amazon.

Our final craft was making snowflake bracelets.  

Finally, it was time for cake & ice cream.  Yum.

My heart always dies a little when we cut into the cakes I make.  I put so much time into them that it makes me sad to see them cut to bits.  But I always smile when I see how happy it makes my kids as they eat it all gone.

At the very end of our party we opened presents which was Taya's favorite part of course.

Lizzie got her a fun Frozen art set.

Isabel got her a new barbie & a closet for her Barbie clothes.

Katie gave her a beautiful Elsa doll that sings "Let it Go."

Sarah gave her a tall Elsa doll that walks with you.

And her brother Nathan gave Taya a beautiful Frozen puzzle.

Navaeh gave her a gift card to Toys R Us.  She used it to buy a furniture set for her new dollhouse.

Molly & Grace gave Taya some Frozen crayons & 2 Barbie Lego sets.

We had a blast!!!  It was a really fun party to plan & carry out.

Happy birthday Taya!!!  Thank you for the best 7 years of my life.  I love you little sunshine!

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