Friday, October 10, 2014

Family Fun Time

My parents & grandmother came to VA to visit for 11 days at the end of September beginning of October.  We had a ton of fun just hanging out, chatting, & playing together.

I haven't seen my grandma in almost 2 years so I took advantage of it & let her teach me how to make her famous homemade egg noodles.

Both my mom & my grandma told the girls stories from their childhoods & young adult years.  The girls LOVED learning about them.

And my dad became a big kid & played with the kiddos the entire time he was here.  They were in heaven.

With my mom having been so sick for the last 2 years, this was a great vacation for her to come & spend time with my kids.  She still doesn't feel fantastic & she's still recovering from SO MUCH, but she had a great time & each of the kids got some special one on one bonding time with her.

My favorite part of our trip was driving down to Virginia Beach & eating at The Cheesecake Factory. My mom meets her friend from BYU there every time she comes here.  I love Cheesecake Factory.

We also took a mini-trip to Williamsburg to the Yankee Candle Factory.  The kids loved showing them the shows, Santa's list, & the snow.  We all enjoyed some fudge, candles, & shopping.

My mom even got to make her very own candle.  It was really fun.

The trip was too short.  I miss them already.  I love you Mom, Dad, & Mamoo!!!

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