Thursday, October 9, 2014


This little guy is putting me through the ringer.  Trek was gone all of September & I can't even begin to tell you all the mischief this little guy got into.  Canyon is almost 18 months old now & the toddler phase is in full swing.  He is a stinker & loves "exploring" everything around him.

He loves to take my phone or iPad & knows how to get to the silly camera.  He takes the funniest pictures of himself.  Did I mention he's only 18 months old????

I think he might be spiderman, but don't tell because it's supposed to be a secret.  He can climb anything & DOES climb everything.

Everything he touches quickly becomes one more mess for me to clean up.  EVERYTHING he touches.

He now can turn on the faucet in the bathroom by himself & loves to CLIMB into the tub.  Thank heavens he hasn't figured out how to plug it up yet.  Whew.

He has the most angelic face you've ever seen. . . don't let that fool you.  ;-)

He loves any & every electronic device he can find.  He will find one, go & hide behind a chair, under a table, or in my closet & play it until he gets caught.  As soon as he knows he's been caught, he pushes every button he possibly can as fast as he can before you can take it away.  This action usually results in unwanted phone calls or texts to people. . . renaming your contact list names such as sadkjfw;oeihnavs or 302934u20u, & in most cases. . . a lock out screen.

He also loves food.  He will find food no matter where you hide it.  We now keep our kitchen trash can on top of our table (which he is now scaling!!) because he likes to climb inside & eat whatever is thrown in there.  Yesterday he managed to get a candy necklace, sucked on it, got it all over his hands, & proceeded to wipe his hands all over our hardwood floor, wall, & living room couch.  We should nickname him FLASH because this occurred in the time it took me to switch my laundry from the washer to the dryer.  Then this morning he climbed into the trash can (on top of the table mind you) & pulled out an empty yogurt container from breakfast.  He licked the remnants the best he could, got it all over himself & his hands, & proceeded to make a blueberry yogurt trail all across the carpet in my living room.  Thank you buddy.  You are making sure mommy gets her daily hour of exercise.

But when all is said & done, he does take good naps in his little bed.  

Did I mention he's an expert at locating electronic devices?  I didn't even know our library HAD a kids' computer.  Sheesh.  Guess what he runs to the instant we go to the library on Thursdays?  Yup.  You should see/hear the tantrum when I tell him "NO!"  We go to the library to read books darling, not play on the computer.

Yes, I tease & yes, I'm completely exhausted 110% of the time, but I wouldn't trade him or my experiences for anything in the world.  Canyon is my baby. . . my last.  I love him.  I love my little godzilla.

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