Thursday, October 9, 2014

1st Day of School

First day of school.  Wow.  Another school year begins & the kids get a little bit older.  Why can't they stay little itty bitty things forever?

I'm excited for them though.  They are growing up to be such amazing kids/tweens & someday I hope they will be awesome adults.  They are all so beautiful, smart, & kind little people.  I love them so much.

Cadence starts 6th grade this year.  Her favorite color is pink, she loves her wardrobe & picking out clothes to wear every day.  And this year is the first year where she's been doing her hair by herself.  She has learned the art of the flat iron & curling iron & is practicing her braids daily.  She is a sweet sweet girl, loves everything around her, & LOVES TO READ.  Her favorite subject is Science & she is super excited to be part of the big 6th grade science fair this year.

Lorien is 9 & is in 4th grade this year.  Lorien's favorite color is yellow & her favorite subject is History.  Lorien loves sports, especially soccer, & loves being outdoors.  Lorien is my social butterfly.  Kids flock to her because she is so fun loving & fun to be around.  She is the kindest kid I know & makes everyone feel loved & at comfortable around her.  She is nervous to be at the new school, but ready to tackle every obstacle she faces.  She's a very determined little girl & knows she can do anything if she can put her mind to it.

Bladen is 5 & starts Kindergarten this year.  His favorite color is orange & his favorite subject in school is LUNCH.  His life revolves around food.  ha ha ha.  He is excited to get out of the house & have a teacher at a big boy school & he is excited to show everyone how fast he is going to learn in Kindergarten.  He is a funny kid & I imagine there is a little bit of a class clown inside him, but he promises to be super good at school for his teacher.  Bladen loves hanging out with his friends, playing mine craft, & reading.

And Miss Taya is almost 7 & is starting 1st grade this year.  Her favorite color is pink & she loves all of school. . . everything.  Taya is my little sunshine.  She's always smiling & her happiness is contagious to everyone around her.  She is friends with everyone she comes in contact with & she has a way of building people up when they're down.  Taya loves to read & do homework & can't wait to do LOTS of reading in 1st grade.  She's her brother's best friend & can't wait to have him on the bus & in school with her.  She promises to protect him at all times & make sure he is happy & safe.  I love this kid!!!

All 4 of my beautiful school aged children.  Oh how I love each & every one of them.

The Sr. Elementary School bus comes first in the morning.  The bus stop for this school has tripled in size since last year.  My girls are excited to get to ride the bus with all their friends from the neighborhood.

Sisters & Best Friends

The Jr. Elementary bus stop has grown as well.  We have the greatest kids in our area & I'm certain our bus stop is the best of the best.  These kids are awesome.

Canyon was excited to have his friend Will at the bus stop to play with from now on.  They missed each other over the summer.

I admit, I cried a little when my big boy got on that bus for the first time.

I love how his little spiky white hair stuck up so I could see him in the window.  Goodbye my sweet son.  Go learn & have the best first day of school EVER.

So here's to a fabulous new school year!  Cheers!

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