Tuesday, September 12, 2017

1st Day of School 2017

Well, it's that time again.  Time for school start & time for my kids to start some new amazing adventures.

This year Cadence is a Freshman in High School.  I can't believe I have a kid in high school!!!  It's crazy.  She also got to start Seminary (an early morning church class) before school so it's a bunch of new things for her.  

Cadence is 14, loves reading & writing, plays piano & oboe, & wants to be a mom, writer, oboeist, coder, & chef someday.  (Basically, she has no idea what she wants to be.)

Little Craiger is 6 years old & is starting 1st grade this year.  Craiger plays piano & loves to read, ride his bike, & play with magformers.  When he grows up he wants to be a policeman.

Lorien is 12 years old & is starting 7th grade.  She is my only middle schooler this year & she's rocking it at school.  Lorien plays piano & cello & loves drama & acting.  She just landed the role of July in the school's production of Annie.  She has several lines & song solos as well.  She's very excited.  Lorien wants to be a mom & party planner when she grows up.

Bladen is 8 years old & is starting 3rd grade this year.  Bladen plays piano & drums & is extremely talented in music.  He is a master of math & loves recess at school.  Bladen also loves food in all shapes & forms & continues to be our family's plate cleaner.  :-)   Bladen wants to be a scientist when he grows up.

Little Miss Taya is 9 years old (almost 10) & is in 4th grade this year.  Taya plays piano & loves to write stories & draw.  She just joined a girls who code club where she's learning to code in scratch & is eagarly awaiting news of an elementary school play.  Taya wants to be a meteorologist when she grows up.  (Her 10th birthday is coming up & she wants a weather/storm party.)

These kiddos are SO excited for the new school year.

And this little guy is home with me one more year.  Canyon is 4 years old & is a little ball of energy.  We are doing preschool at home this year & we're both loving the one on one time together.

Here's to the best school year yet!

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