Friday, September 29, 2017

Lorien's Fall Orchestra & Choir Concerts

The night of Taya's birthday was Lorien's first 2 concerts of the year.  First she had her orchestra concert where they played "Chariots of Fire" & "La Petite Dances."  As soon as I get those songs uploaded, I'll add the video links to this post.

After the orchestra concert was her choir concert.  This year Lorien is in the musical theater class which puts on a play each year (this year it's Annie & Lorien has the part of July for the play), & they also practice as a show choir type group.

They've been working on 2 songs this month.  .  .  "California Dreaming" & "Seasons of Love" from the musical RENT.  I will upload those 2 songs & post the links to the videos below as well so watch for the links.

Lorien auditioned for & got one of the two solos for Season's of Love.  She did AMAZING.  It must be SO scary standing up on that stage in front of an audience & have to sing a solo, but she just does it like it's no big deal.  She makes me so proud.  :-)

Great job Lo.  We are SO proud of you.

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