Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Camping - Mount Diablo

The Potter's love to camp.  As much as I despise setting up & taking down tents, I do love being outdoors.  I love the stars, the cool breeze, the smells, & the food.

For Tylee's birthday we all met up at Mount Diablo for a Potter family camping trip.  It was fun to have our own family there, plus Trek's 2 older sisters & his younger brother.

The whole thing started out eventful.  We popped a tire literally 2 miles from our house.  Poor Taya had to ride with a tire at her feet until we could unload the popped tire into our garage.  It ended up taking a good 2 hours off our camp time, but we still made it up safe & sound.

We got up there after work just as the sun we starting to set, so we set up camp quickly started dinner before it got too dark.  We grilled hot dogs for the little kids & I made tin foil dinners for the bigger kids & adults.  They were AMAZING.

After dinner we finished setting up camp.

I set up my hammock first thing.  My hammock is my favorite part of camping.  I love that thing.

We also had a furry little friend join us in camp set up.  This little raccoon was NOT scared of us like he should have been.  We just knew when he started going through our gear that he was going to be a problem.  AND BOY WAS HE. . . but more on that little thief later.

Triskin brought up some frosted animal crackers for the kids.  Canyon found them first & literally hid them around different areas of the campground so nobody else could get them.  He ate that entire bag BY HIMSELF.  Little stinker.

Cadence is always the resident braider wherever she goes.  She braided all the hair for the school musical last year. . . she braids all her friends' hair at school every day . . . she braided everyone's hair at girls camp & the pioneer trek . . . & she braided her Auntie's hair during this camping trip.

We decided we wanted to watch the sun set over the mountain so we took a nice little hike together.  It was a ton of fun.

The sunset was gorgeous.

When we got back to camp it was dark.  But we had 2 little "friends" waiting for us.  Those rascal racoons were HORRIBLE.  One would terrorize us near our picnic table, while the other UNZIPPED OUR TENT & stole all our chocolate for smores.  We were SO mad.  I still can't believe that thing unzipped a zipper.  Trek chased him down the mountain & took back our chocoate (most of it had racoon bites in it) & he kicked the raccoon to get it away from us, but it literally reared up on 2 legs & CHASED TREK, STOLE THE CHOCOLATE BACK FROM HIS HANDS, & RAN INTO THE WOODS.  What a devil.

We ended up having to put shoelaces through all our tent zippers for the night because the trash pandas kept unzipping them trying to get into our tents in the middle of the night.  It was kind of scary actually.  I couldn't believe how fearless they were.

But the morning was great.

The kids enjoyed waking up their Auntie's in the Auntie tent.

We got ready, cleaned up camp, & then went to the top of Mount Diablo to get the best views of CA.  It was beautiful.

It was an amazing camping trip.  I love living this close to Trek's sisters.

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