Friday, September 1, 2017

Camp Tonsofun 2017

This summer was SO insanely crazy with girls camp & the pioneer trek that it has taken me months to start blogging about it.  I finally feel like things are slowing down, but then school just started up again & we're at full power again running around busy.  ha ha ha.  It never ends.  But I'll try to catch up the best I can.

We did do Camp Tonsofun this year.  It was on a much smaller scale than it normally is because I was SO crazy busy doing food for the pioneer trek.  We still did a daily treat for doing chores, a daily activity, & a daily craft.  We only had 2 major cleaning projects this time though. . . 
the girls' room & the boys' room.

Here's a few of the treats I put together for each of the 5 days.

The kids especially loved the slinkies which totally cracks me up.

And this little guy was SO worn out from cleaning his room that he took a nap with me.  I could kiss his face off.  How cute is he?

We made milkshakes,

and painted puzzles to exchange with each other.  Whomever's puzzle you got, you had to be extra kind (like a secret helper) for the week.  It was really sweet seeing the kids trying to be extra sweet & helpful to their secret brother/sister.

We paired up the kids for favorite dinner.  The first night Taya & Bladen asked for spaghetti, salad, & garlic bread.

I didn't get any pictures of the boys' room, but the girls' room looks amazing now.

Cadence & Lo paired up for the 2nd dinner & we had homemade chicken nuggets & funeral potatoes with grapes.

The 3rd day we worked on schedules for the summer.  Everything on their lists had to be completed each day before they could get any screen time.

And we made camp shirts (that turned out terrible, but hey, you learn right?)

Canyon & Craiger teamed up for a mac & cheese dinner which is both their favorites.

And Friday night was mine & Trek's dinner. . . chicken noodle soup.  Yum.

It was a busy week, but we managed to have fun & get things cleaned & organized for summer.

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