Friday, September 29, 2017

September Fun

September was a fun filled month of getting used to being back in school, costume sewing (more on that in October), & just hanging out as a family.

On Labor Day, Trek managed to have 10 large tables dropped on his right leg & just bruised it to bits.  From what the doctors can tell, it's not broken or sprained, just bruised really really badly.  It's been almost 4 weeks & he's still on crutches.  Poor guy.  We all hope it heals up soon.

Bladen is still my ninja warrior, always climbing walls.  He can make it all the way up to the ceiling now.

I'm loving my one on one time at home with Canyon every day while the kids are at school.  Usually when he takes his nap, I lay down with him at first, then sneak away to get things done while he sleeps.  He does NOT like waking me up & NOT having me there with him so he's devised a way to guarantee I can't escape during his nap.  I don't mind one bit.  I'll take ALL the cuddles while he'll still give them to me.

We had a youth fireside at our house this month & I made a beautiful fruit pizza for it.  It was just so pretty I had to take a picture.  It actually tasted pretty good too.

Canyon & I have been doing preschool at home together.  He LOVES his "mommy school" & I love doing it with him.  I was teaching him about Van Gough & Starry Night & he told me that the picture wasn't stars, it was boogers.  Then he requested to make a booger picture of his own.  Silly kid.

Most afternoons are dedicated to picking up Lorien from her play practice.  Her school is doing the play Annie & she got the part of July (the oldest orphan).  She is SO excited.  She has lots of lines & singing solos this time which is really exciting.  I can't wait to see it.  I'm doing make-up again so I get to peek in at rehearsals after school.  I love watching them put the play together.  Canyon, on the other hand, thinks it's boring.

And today for Spirit Day at school, they declared it Mustache Day.  The kids were pretty excited to wear their mustaches.

It's been such a fun month.  But I'm counting down the days until Sunday.  Sunday is OCTOBER FIRST.  My very favorite time of the year.  Halloween!  Which means, Halloween costumes, Halloween parties, & Halloween dinners.  I am SO excited.

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