Friday, September 29, 2017

Taya's 10th Birthday Party - Meteorology

When Taya told me she wanted a weather/meteorology birthday party I had NO idea what I was going to do.  How do you turn THAT into a party?  No matter how hard I tried to steer her party into another direction, she'd quickly turn it back to storms & weather.

I can't complain.  I love that my 10 year old daughter loves science & knows what she wants to do with her life.  So I made it work.  I made her invitations myself & she loved the way they were worded like an actual forecast.

And then for her cake, she begged me to make my peanut butter fudge cake instead of a storm related cake which was a HUGE relief.  I've made that cake so many times that it's easy now.

Taya was SO cute for her party.  I set up the table with batting for "snow," some of her favorite weather books, her tornado, & her water globe from Seattle.  I also found the cutest sunshine balloon.  Taya is my little sunshine.  It was perfect for her.

For her party I decided to make it as weather oriented as I could.  I decided to make weather bracelets with Sunshine charms, raindrop jewels, & snowflakes.

Then Taya mentioned wanting to make homemade snow globes which was a great idea to go along with her theme.

And of course, we HAD to do homemade tornadoes since Taya studied tornadoes for her science project last year.

But by far, the very best part of Taya's birthday party this year came from Trek.  I bought a large green plastic tablecloth & put it up on the wall & begged him to figure out how to do a green screen weather forecast for the party.  And he did.  He is amazing.  He found a 3 minute weather forecast video without a meteorologist & he played it using the green screen so that when the girls stood in front of the tablecloth, on our TV it looked like they were doing a live weather forecast.  The kids had SO MUCH FUN with this.  Even my teenage girls wanted a turn.

Taya is such a sweetheart.  We couldn't wait to get the party started.

We started with the snowglobes.  We used epoxy heavy duty permanent glue to glue the characters onto the lids of the mason jars, let them dry, then added glitter & water to the jar.

After snow globes we tackled the weather bracelets.

Taya was special & also got a lightning bolt for her bracelet.

After bracelets, Taya showed her friends how a tornado works & helped them make their own homemade tornadoes.

By the time that was done, everyone was ready to have some cake & ice cream.

Taya has such wonderful friends here.  It makes my heart happy to see such wonderful kids.

And last, but not least, we let the girls play with the green screen weather reports.  They had SO MUCH FUN.  I swear, they could have done that all day long.  It was a blast.

After the party ended, Auntie Marc, Triskin, & Tylee came down from San Francisco for some cake & ice cream.  We played all afternoon & went out to dinner for Taya's birthday.

We also played with the green screen more.  We ran away from dinosaurs, slam dunked some basketballs, & flew away in the TARDIS.  Who knew green screens could be so much fun?

Taya enjoyed her ice cream & song at the restaurant.  It was delicious.  It was really fun celebrating her & how much we love her.

Happy birthday my little sunshine.

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