Friday, September 29, 2017

Taya's Birthday Breakfast & School Celebration

Happy 10th Birthday to this little ray of sunshine.  I love her so much.

For her birthday she wanted me to do her hair in the curlers Mimi had given her for her birthday.  They were SO easy to put in & I couldn't wait to see her hair all done in the morning.

For her birthday breakfast, Taya picked toaster strudels, bacon, sausage, & pears, & of course a birthday ding dong.

She was happy to have her favorite breakfast foods on her plate.

I can't believe Taya is 10 years old already.  Where does the time go?

After breakfast I took out her curlers & her hair was GORGEOUS.

I had her get dressed & then I broke up the curls a bit.  Her hair looked beautiful.

Canyon & I visited Taya in her class for a birthday celebration.  Her whole class sang to her.

And then I made chocolate suckers for her class.  Taya really wanted "photo booth" suckers so I found some molds & had a blast making lips, mouths, bow ties, glasses, & mustaches out of chocolate.  The class thought they were SO cool.

We even went outside & did a photo shoot with their chocolate suckers.

It was really really fun.

Happy Birthday Taya!

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