Tuesday, September 12, 2017

August Fun

School is going great for these kiddos.  In the first week of school, Taya got stung by a bee, Craiger fell off a play structure onto his head & got a concussion, Bladen got a raging stomach ache, & Craiger got pushed on the playground & got a terrible road burn on his hip. . . . you'd think they'd be upset, but they LOVE school, even with all the speedbumps.  It makes me happy to see them happy to learn.

These two boys are inseparable.  They are such good brothers.

At back to school night Bladen made this little fish listing his favorite qualities about himself.  It's darling.

For Back To School Night, Craiger had a cute pic to show me, a letter about schol, & a hope & dream sheet.  He is just too cute.

Taya made an amazing digital self portrait for Back To School Night.  I was really impressed.  It was done on a computer & she did a great job.  I could totally tell it was her.  That little ray of sunshine is so talented.

And Canyon has been growing leaps & bounds in our little preschool here at home.  He's now writing his name by himself & his letters are SO good.  He's enjoying our little homeschool.

Lorien also got a new "toy" this month.  We finally saved up enough money to buy her her own cello.  And boy is it beautiful.  She finally hit 5 feet tall over the summer (she passed up Cadence who is destined to remain 4'11") which makes it so she can graduate to a full size cello instead of the 3/4 size she's been renting the last 2 years.  We found this beauty here in Mountain View & the price was right so we got it for her.

And Taya loves to create.  She's always taking supplies around the house to make fun things.  I think she made this at her friend's birthday party, but it was too adorable to not take a picture.  She's so fun.

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