Monday, June 4, 2018

Lorien's "Homeschooled" Play

Play #2 was Lorien's play entitled
It was hilarious.  It was about a town that decides to spend all their money on a giant cheese festival, including all the money used for education.  School gets cancelled & all the kids in the town have to be homeschooled.  The parents decide to each pick a subject to teach & they start a homeschooled school.  The rocket scientist teaches kindergarten, the drill seargant teaches home economics, the jazzercise teacher teaches philosophy, etc.  It's pretty cute.

It started 20 minutes after Taya's Gold Rush play ended.  We were running from one school to the next as fast as we could so we didn't miss anything.

Lorien is kind of a play "pro" at this point.  She's been in SO many plays that it's just 2nd nature for her now which is a ton of fun.  For this play she played a jock . . . a mouthy jock.  It was SO out of character for her, but she did a great job.  She also had a solo at the very beginning of the show.

We were SO proud of her.

We are really truly going to miss the musical theater class at this school.  The drama department her at Crittenden is amazing & we feel SO blessed that Lorien got to be a part of it for 2 years.  She learned SO much & loved it here.

Great job Lo!

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