Sunday, June 3, 2018

Young Women Girls Camp Fundraiser Fun

Every year our church offers a girls camp for girls ages 12-18.  Both Cadence & Lorien love it.  But it can get pricey.  Our congregation always puts together some sort of fundraiser to help assist with the funds of girls camp.

This year they did a dessert auction & I got to bake all sorts of fun things.  My countertop was a mess with 8 eight inch round cakes.

I baked 12 mint brownies & 12 chocolate chip cookie brownie bars.

But the highlight of my baking experience was making my Reese's peanut butter fudge cake, & this year I tried my hand at making a cookies & cream cake.  It turned out DELICIOUS.

I also made 24 smaller versions of each cake to sell at the treat station.

It was a blast.  It was a TON of baking, but it was SO fun.  And we raised enough money to cover both my girls' girls camp funds.  They are SO excited.

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