Monday, June 4, 2018

Canyon's 5th Birthday Party - Star Wars

Happy 5th Birthday to our little Canyon-land.  I can't believe Canyon is FIVE YEARS OLD.
Time passes way too fast.

For Canyon's 5th birthday party he decided to have a Star Wars party which was great for me since I've already done 2 Star Wars parties.  He wanted black & green cupcakes with storm troopers & BB8's in them.  (He was really specific for a 5 year old which cracked me up.)

He was very happy how his cupcakes & decorations turned out.  He was such a happy little guy.

I just can't get over Canyon's eyes.  Have you ever seen anything so beautiful in your life?  And those lashes.  What a cutie pie.

I made some storm trooper balloons for our jedi training obstacle course.  Canyon thought they were hilarious.

And of course we had a BB8 pinata.

Each of the guests got a goody bag with some bubble wand light sabers.

And the table was set up about as Star Wars as you can get.  Canyon loved it.

The Jedi obstacle course was super cute too.  They had 12 storm troopers they had to defeat with their homemade light sabers.  The boys really had a great time with that.  It was their favorite part of the party.

I made some homemade light sabers out of pool noodles & duct tape.

I love this kid.  He drives me crazy 90 percent of the time, but I love him to death.  He's really growing into his little personality & it's been fun seeing him grow up.  He's hilarious, sweet, cuddly, & just loveable.

Once all the guests arrived, we started by making our lightsabers.  I let the kids use sharpies to decorate their lightsabers with buttons, levers, pictures, & anything else they wanted to throw on there.  They were SO cute.

Then all my new jedi's got to pose in their favorite jedi stance for a picture.

After we made lightsabers, it was time for Jedi Training.  We did flips, rolls, somersaults, & all sorts of neat things before we headed outside to defeat the stormtroopers.

Then they practiced their flips & tricks more on the trampoline.  They were all so cute.

After they were completely worn out from the heat & jumping around, we came inside to do some star wars legos.  I swear, little boys & their legos . . . they would have played for hours if I had let them.

Canyon's favorite part of any party is the piñata.

After the pinata fun, we went inside for cake & ice cream.

Finally, we opened presents & said goodbye to friends. 

Jacob gave him a really cool lego pop up book.

Josh & Jason gave him his favorite thing in the world - MARIO
in nightlight form.

Josh gave him a really cool lego set.

And Andrew, Lilly, & Thomas gave him a super huge water
gun for the summer.

It was a really great party.  Happy Birthday Canyon!

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