Monday, June 4, 2018

The Frog Prince (Taya & Bladen)

And less than 24 after the Gold Rush play happened, Taya was back up on stage . . . this time with Bladen in the school's production of
The Frog Prince.

Taya was Princess Dora who was cursed by the evil witch making her speak jibberish.  Together she & the frog prince save the day, break the spell, & bring happiness back to the land.

Bladen was the faithful herald to Queen Gosposh, Princess Dora's mother.  (who happened to be Taya's best friend Rachel).

I expected Taya to do well.  She loves being on stage just like her sister.  She's had her lines completely memorized since week 1 (even in jibberish), & has been waiting for this performance for 2 months.  Bladen on the other hand was scared to death of forgetting his lines & had a fear of being on stage.  I was SO proud of him.  He got up there & did a great job.  Even when his lines got skipped by other characters, he was able to remember where they were in the script & continue on.

They were ADORABLE!!

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