Monday, June 4, 2018

Craiger's Day With Aunties

It's been SO wonderful living SO close to Trek's Auntie Marc, & his two sisters, Tylee & Triskin.  They are SO wonderful to our kids & are just SO fun to be around.

Auntie Marc has taken one weekend each month to kidnap one of my kids overnight.  She comes on a Friday & picks them up & they sleep over at her house, eat fancy dinners out, go to the movies, & do all sorts of fun things with them.  She then brings them back late the next day.

It was finally Craiger's turn to be with Auntie.  She picked him up & took him home to Santa Cruz.  Of course all he wanted for dinner was mac'n'cheese so they went to the store & she bought him a box as well as a gallon container of cheese puffs.  He was in HEAVEN.

They stayed up REALLY late watching his favorite cartoons & movies.

Saturday morning, Auntie Tylee (with her stepson Drew & his friend) & Auntie Triskin came down & met Craiger & Auntie Marc at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.  These kids were in HEAVEN.  They got wristbands allowing them to ride anything & everything they wanted to.  They ate fair food, rode rides, played games, & had a blast.

I was really proud of Craiger.  He was the youngest one there, but rode every ride the big kids did.  He wanted to be tough like them & he did great.

He had a blast!!!  We're going to miss our Auntie's when we move.

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