Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cadence's Baptism

Shortly after Cadence got back from getting her ears pierced, it was time to get all ready for the actual baptism. Everybody got into their church clothes & Cadence got her baptism jumpsuit on & ready to go.

Once we all got to the church, Opa & Oma surprised Cadence with her own set of "REAL" scriptures. She was thrilled because they had HER name on them.

There were 3 little girls getting baptized so Cadence was excited for the family to meet her 2 friends from church. It was also great to get some pictures of Cadence with her Daddy together in their white baptism clothes. They looked so clean & pure.

Cadence got baptized along with 2 of her friends. . . Jenny (blond hair) & Raine (dark hair).

The baptism was great. Daddy did a great job & Uncle Justin was one of the witnesses. I ran into the dressing room to help Cadence get into her beautiful princess dress.

Baba gave the talk on the Holy Ghost & then Cadence received the gift of the Holy Ghost from her daddy. It was a beautiful & spiritual moment. I hope she remembers it forever & ever.

Cadence's best friend Csepke came to support her too. I love my kids' friends. They are wonderful people.

Raine, Jenny, & Cadence all did very well & looked beautiful as the newest members of the church. We were proud of all 3 of them.

After the baptism, we ran home & changed into comfortable clothes & then went out to dinner at the Black Bear Diner... Cadence's favorite restaurant. The food was GREAT & we had a ton of fun.

Congratulations my dear little girl. I love you & am SO proud of the young lady you are becoming.

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