Wednesday, February 9, 2011


After presents we got all 12 girls into their pajamas (talk about a circus!) & got them downstairs to watch the new Tinkerbell movie. They were all SUPER cute sprawled out across the living room. I popped a TON of popcorn & they were in heaven.

After the movie I gave each girl their own diary & they each took about 5 minutes to write in it. Then we passed the diaries around in a circle & each girl got to write a nice message in each of the diaries. After everyone signed each other's they sat & read them & hugged each other. I love seeing how loving these girls were.

Then it was off to bed. They all wanted to sleep in the same room so we crammed them into the toy room. 12 sleeping bags in one of our rooms is nearly impossible, but they asked for it. It was CRAZY! (By the morning a few of them had wandered into the hallway so they could stretch out a little bit.)

I will admit, the night was insane. I didn't get any sleep whatsoever, but it was fun. (Can you imagine how many bathroom breaks there were during the night with 12 little girls?) In the morning I was completely exhausted, but I was so glad the sleepover ended up being a complete success for Cadence.

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