Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Front Tooth Ordeal

My goodness! It never ceases to amaze me how different each of my kids are. Cadence is the biggest worry-wart I've ever met. She is SO sweet & SO caring, but man, if she tries something new or something she knows nothing about, she FREAKS out. Cadence has lost 4 teeth now & her 5th (the top front) was ready to pop. It has been loose since before Christmas & it was literally dangling by who knows what. All we had to do was look at it wrong & it was going to come flying out. But would she let us touchit? Of course not. . . it might hurt! ha ha ha. Her baptism was the next day, the family was all in town, there was a lot going on, but we needed to get that tooth out before it caused any problems. Cadence hadn't been eating because it hurt & I was tired of fighting with her about it. So we told her it was time.

We had no idea what was about to happen. She was literally terrified. We can't figure out why (we've pulled out 4 other teeth), but she did NOT want that tooth out. Baba tried to get to it, Justin tried, I tried, Mimi tried, but she wouldn't let anyone near her. Trek (who uses pliers) finally got her somewhat pinned down on the couch. My mom had to hold her legs, Cari held her head still, & I had her hands. We even had everyone in the house telling her they'd double what the tooth fairy brought (that's $5 extra bucks since the tooth fairy brings $1 for every tooth). But nothing made her want to let us pull it.

Finally she gave in (but still we had to hold her down) & we all counted to three together. Trek barely touched it & it fell out. Cadence started laughing hysterically saying she didn't feel a thing & we all rolled our eyes at how much work that ended up being for all of us. She was SO excited to show off her toothless grin! Lorien got a little jealous & asked Trek to get her other loose tooth out so Trek grabbed his pliers & went to work on her. He was pulling & tugging & moving, but it wouldn't come out. I know it hurt Lorien but she didn't say a word & was very disappointed when it didn't come out. So there you go. . . my girls have polar opposite personalities when it comes to this sort of thing. I was just happy Cadence allowed us to go through with it so she had a toothless grin for her baptism the next day. You were brave baby girl! Good job!

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