Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lorien's Birthday Breakfast & Family Birthday Party

Lorien's actual birthday was Monday, February 21st, 2011 (President's Day). I love it when her birthday falls on the holiday because everyone gets to stay home from work & school & we can party all day long! We woke her up with our traditional birthday breakfast in bed: chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs with cheese, & a big ding dong with a candle in it. I just love birthday breakfasts.

She was pretty excited to eat breakfast in her bed. It's such a treat!

From the minute we walked into her room, Bladen was SCREAMING "CUPCAKE!" (aka Ding Dong "I WANT ONE NOW!") He couldn't wait to get his hands (& his mouth) on that ding dong.

Bladen also ate EVERYTHING on his plate including 2 pieces of bacon & a HUGE piece of sausage. He's such a boy just like his daddy. I wonder how much he's going to cost us in groceries 10 years from now.

Hooray for Lorien who is SIX YEARS OLD!!!

After breakfast we all ran downstairs still in our jammies & we opened presents from family members. Lorien got all sorts of fun things from art stuff, to clothes, to her favorite toys.

But her big special present from the entire family was her very own iPod Touch. (Disclaimer: we bought a USED one so no, we don't spoil our children with $200 gifts. This one had scratches & was definitely pre-owned, but we got it for cheaper than Cadence's bike, so it was the perfect gift for her.) She loves playing on my iPhone & so now she has her own to play games on. There are SO MANY wonderful educational games out there. She's come SO far on her spelling, match, & other skills just from playing on my iPhone. She LOVES it!!

My kids are such "APPLE" kids. Just like their daddy, they love anything made by Apple! I especially love watching Bladen get involved with apple "toys." I'm so glad Lorien liked her gift.

Happy Birthday sweetheart. You make mommy & daddy SO proud!

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