Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cadence's New Bike

After all the girls left, Trek & I decided it would be good to give her her present from us on Saturday rather than Sunday so she could actually play with it. So we blindfolded her & sat her on the couch while Daddy went to get her present.

When she took off the blindfold, she saw her brand new 20" bike (with NO training wheels). We've been trying to get those training wheels off FOREVER & she really needed a new bike so we got her a bike that didn't even have training wheels as an option. Now she's FORCED to learn how to ride! She LOVES her new Mongoose bike. She looks great on it!

We spent the rest of the afternoon teaching her how to ride a bike with no training wheels. It's so funny how something that seems so easy to us really is VERY difficult to someone just learning. But she did great. Daddy had to help her get started, but she can go straight really well without falling off. However, we need to work on the "dismount" because she literally jumps off the bike & lets the bike fall, ha ha ha. I guess we all start somewhere & learn in our own ways. I'm glad she likes her new gift.

Once Cadence started riding without training wheels it inspired Lorien to try (which we were secretly hoping would happen). Lorien took to it SUPER fast!! She not only can start on her own, but she can go straight & turn all the way around by herself. We are still working on the "stopping" part, but she's doing fantastic as well. I'm so proud of both of my girls.

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