Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Visit From Auntie Triskin

Auntie Triskin came to our house to visit last night. We haven't seen her in almost 3 years! She has never met Bladen & saw Taya last when she was just a baby. The kids were SO excited to have her here.

She was SO sweet & brought us all dinner from a fabulous Mexican food place. Trek & I don't get out much so it was like heaven to have authentic Mexican. The kids were just itching to climb all over her so as soon as they were done eating, they pretty much mauled her for the rest of the evening.

She had stopped at Toys R Us on her way over & bought the kids some surprises. That poor Toys R Us store got completely cleaned out of their Zhu Zhu Pet products. ha ha ha. She bought EVERYTHING they had! She had the kids sit on the couch & close their eyes while she got it all out of the car. The kids were SO INTO IT!

They didn't want to peek & ruin the surprise at all. Lorien was so funny & kept covering Bladen's eyes too. I had to laugh.

Bladen finally got the hang of covering his eyes although he had no idea WHY he was doing it. He just knew his sisters were doing it, so he thought he better do it too.

The kids were SO excited with their surprises. They each got a kite to fly & some Sponge Bob chocolates. Then they all got about 3 Zhu Zhu Pet things each.

Cadence got a pet with bunny ears, a salon, & a carry around bag for her pet.

Lorien got a pet with bunny ears, a bag, & a cute little buggy to push baby Zhu Zhu Pets.

Taya got a princess pet, an airport, & a carry around bag. And Bladen got a super cute GREEN pet, a race car, a stationwagon, & a surfboard for his pet. It was one HUGE pile of pets.

They LOVED Auntie Triskin for their surprises. They love her no matter what, but I know they'll never forget that BIG surprise from her.

Triskin stayed the night with us. We put the kids to bed & had about 3 hours of grown up talk time which I REALLY loved! I miss having Trek's sisters around all the time. I really could talk to them all day long every day. I grew up with one brother so I really love any sister time I can get. I love them like we've grown up our whole lives together. She had to leave early this morning, but she promised she'd be back soon. I can't wait to see her again.

Thank you Auntie for the SUPER FUN night!

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