Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oma's Yummy Food

My favorite part of having Oma come visit is all the yummy food she makes. We ate like royalty while she was here!!! She made all of our favorite dinners (her recipes) as well as some new ones she's discovered recently.

I also love how she includes the kids in her cooking & baking. They LOVE to help her! For breakfast one morning they all made Trek & I some strawberry stuffed french toast with cream cheese & fresh strawberries. It was delicious.

My favorite new recipe was the hot wings she made. Not only were these the hottest things I've ever eaten in my entire life, but they were TO DIE FOR!!! Yes, they were hot, yes my nose was running, yes my eyes were burning, (I even think there was smoke coming out of my ears) but they were the best wings I've ever had & I LOVE WINGS!!!!

She also made me my favorite salad which consists of white & purple grapes, fresh raspberries, raspberry yogurt, & walnuts. YUMMY & HEALTHY!

She also taught the girls how to do chocolate dipped strawberries. They were fantastic.

I think the girls enjoyed licking the chocolate bowl more than the strawberries. . . ha ha ha. What a mess!

She also made my favorite Disneyland caramel french toast for breakfast one day. (That's what I make on Christmas morning every year. It's the BEST recipe I own!)

On top of all those goodies, we had a yummy dinner every night! Oma you truly are WONDERFUL!

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