Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lorien is "Pinkalicious!"

Lorien got to do her very first diorama project for school this week. So we broke out a shoebox & got to work. She had to create a "scene" from her favorite storybook, & of course her very favorite book of all time is "Pinkalicious!" (If you haven't read it. . . it's adorable! I also recommend "Purplicious" & "Goldilicious!") It's about a little girl that loves pink a little too much. In fact, she starts to only eat pink food until she turns pink (you are what you eat after all). Lorien's favorite part is when she goes to the park with her mom (when she is pink) & all the bees, birds, butterflies, & bugs think she's a big pink flower & they all start flying around her like a tornado.

First Lorien painted the outside of the shoebox pink (of course). Then mommy helped her glue in the blue sky & the green grass. Lorien loved making pretty clouds out of cotton balls & took great care in gluing them in just the right place. Next we made our main character. Luckily, Lorien has a Pinkalicious sticker book, so we used the little girl stickers & put them on sturdy cardboard so it would stand up in the diorama. Lorien drew her arms & legs herself. Then mommy had to make the cyclone out of "PINK" wire. I made sure it swirled all around the little girl over & over again. And Lorien finished the whole thing off with flower stickers for the field & bug, butterfly, bird, & bee stickers on the pink cyclone. I thought she did a fabulous job! It was PINKALICIOUS!

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