Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break: Monday - Backwards Day

Happy Spring Break Everyone!!!

The thought of being at home alone with 5 kiddos scared me to death! Trek's in the middle of finals this week (& 2 HUGE research papers) so he's MIA so I had to come up with SOMETHING to pass the week so I don't go completely insane! So, we're doing a week of theme days. . . the week began on Monday with BACKWARDS DAY!!!

I started the morning by waking the kids up by saying "GOOD-NIGHT EVERYONE!" They were SO confused. I had to laugh. Imagine their confusion when they came downstairs & found their breakfast on the floor under the table!

Well, it's backwards day right? So instead of eating on the table, we were eating below the table.

Bladen didn't know what to think of the whole situation.

Next we all got dressed, but we made sure our clothes were on backwards. The girls got a kick out of this. They even made sure their belts & undies were on backwards too. Bladen just stared at me more confused than ever.

We attempted to put Craiger's clothes on backwards, but baby clothes aren't forgiving like normal clothes. It's literally impossible to do. Oh well. We still enjoyed it.

I made 6 pieces of paper with 6 activities written on them in backwards writing. The kids got to take turns picking the papers & then had to run to a mirror in order to read it. You could only read it in a mirror image. They loved that. First they had to put together a puzzle upside down. Taya managed to put her Dora puzzle together the right way & then flipped it upside down. But Cadence & Lorien managed to put together a 100 piece puzzle upside down on their own. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

We had to run to Costco & Target (usual groceries & errand day) which turned into a 3 hour ordeal. Who knew shopping with 5 kids would be so hard? Okay, so some people might think that, but I didn't think it would be THAT bad. (Oh it was!) So to cool down & relax we had a nice date at good old McDonalds to keep us happy.

Then we came down & picked another activity. This time I read them the poem "Backward Bill" by Shel Silverstein & they each got to draw a backward picture with their left hands instead of their right hands. FUNNY pictures. They loved that.

While the girls were drawing, Bladen got some cuddle time with mommy & Craiger. He's liking his new baby brother more & more lately which makes me very happy.

I told them it was time for a nap & that when they woke up they could eat the chocolate bunnies they picked out at Target. Bladen REALLY wanted his chocolate NOW. He wasn't too happy when Mommy said NO!

So we let the little ones take a nap while mommy got caught up on laundry & some other chores. When everyone woke up we picked another activity & read their favorite story "Pinkalicious" BACKWARD!! There were LOTS of giggles for that one.

The next activity they picked was to play a game backwards. We played Twister but when the spinner said right hand, we'd do left hand & when it said left foot, we'd do right foot. . . etc. It was a fun game.

After twister I let the girls bake an upside down cake. They made the cake themselves (with a little egg cracking help from me). Once it was cooled, we frosted the top & sides & then flipped it upside down. Doesn't it look scrumptious? (NOT!!)

Soon Daddy came home & we were able to eat dinner UNDER the table. But since it was backwards day we ate dessert first.

The kids couldn't believe I was letting them eat cake for dinner. . . & then spaghetti & garlic bread after the cake. ha ha ha. After dinner we had a backward family home evening followed by our final activity of the day: a family walk around the block BACKWARDS!

It ended up being a REALLY fun day. I hope the kids enjoyed it as much as I did.

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