Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can Anyone Guess What This is Used For?

After SEVERAL attempts at changing Craiger's diaper. . . Trek & I have become frustrated at what inevitably happens to little boys when cold air hits their nether regions. The poor little guy has peed in his own face 4 times now (not to mention the ONE time it REALLY got out of control & he actually peed in my mouth when I was talking while changing him!)

So, I went in search of a solution & found this sewing pattern online: A Wee-Wee-Wig-Wam also known as a Pee-Pee-Teepee. I had all the materials on hand so I whipped out six of them in 30 minutes flat. SUPER EASY TO MAKE! Problem solved. Just throw a Teepee over his nether regions as soon as you open his diaper & voila! He pees into it instead of into his own face, the floor, on me, etc. It's lined with terrycloth so it absorbs it pretty well. Then you just throw it in the wash! Thank heavens for clever people who think these things up.

Here is the pattern if anyone wants to make some. Again, SUPER EASY!!! I'm making some for some friends having boys this month. They make a funny baby shower gift.

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